Thursday, July 26, 2012

Girls Gotta Ride

I promised I'd show you the black leather biker chic messenger bag I came up with in the midst of my boho bag bonanza.  It must have struck a chord because it sold within an hour of me posting pictures of it on my Facebook page!

This delicious piece of buttery soft leather with its massive antique French gate key and adjustable strap was claimed by a special customer who has built quite a nice collection of Urban Heirlooms.  I'm convinced she'll rock it like it needs to be rocked!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Nice Package!

Don't you just love special occasions? I tinkered with some gift wrap ideas while wrapping this order today.  Brown Kraft paper box, antique key stamp, text from an old book page, and paper twine.  ♥

I just ran to check, and (gasp!) yes, I butchered an unbearably old book for that sliver of text!  Next time I'll check first, though in my heart of hearts, it has far more value on this gift box than sitting dusty on my bookshelf, waiting to be used only as a photography prop.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

And The Beat Goes On...My Latest Boho Bags

WHAT'S COOKING at Urban Heirlooms? I've been laying low and trying to figure some things out, like how to upgrade my Mac operating system without causing an apocalypse on my computer, and why Firefox has abandoned me once again and no longer offers me its support.  This was why I was unable to comment on other blogs I follow without my comments disappearing.  And now I can't even properly format my own blog posts.  Forced to upgrade! Oy vey! But I digress.

Despite all that, I've been making as many Boho bags as my chubby little fists can muster!  I even made one for my niece's graduation present.  She wears it well, yes?

I'll be back soon with photos of my newest black leather "Biker Chic" messenger bag.  I promise it'll make you want to strap it on and go ride a Vespa!

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