Monday, May 23, 2011

Urban's Movin' to HOTlanta!

That's right...we're relocating after a kajillion years of "we should..." "one day we're gonna..." "we're planning on..." and I have to admit, I get pretty excited when I think about it.

So when you saw that photo of peaches in my last post, did it make you curious or just hungry? Last week, we packed up T the Dog and drove almost 900 miles south to look for our new digs. 

Top 10 Reasons Why It Pays To Have A Trucker At The Wheel:
  1. He loves to drive
  2. He loves to drive at night (when I can't see squat!)
  3. He can read a map like nobody's business
  4. He can teach you how to navigate just by knowing the numbers and colors of the road signs
  5. He trusts you when it's your turn to take the wheel...he'll actually go to sleep!
  6. He's full of funny trucker stories
  7. He's determined to "make good time"
  8. He knows where the clean bathrooms are
  9. He knows where the best coffee is
  10. He loves to drive.  That bears repeating!

At Love's we found the best and widest variety of coffee (from mild to kick-ass), the cleanest restrooms and most charming cashiers--plus the occasional friendly truck driver just dying to tell anyone who'd listen how long a drive he had ahead of him.  Godspeed, Steel Dragon... :)

Coming through the Carolinas, we were greeted by some questionable weather.

Ominous skies gave way to a brief torrential downpour.

But I do love a rainy evening traffic scene.

The rainbow afterward was a sweet reward and urged us forward!

"How far is this place? Is this trip ever going to end?"

It was T the Dog's longest road trip going to Grandma's and back in one stretch...and then some! He whined about as much as any stir-crazy 7 year-old trapped in a mid-size non-luxury car, but he made up for it by sleeping like a wino on the way back home.  Gooooood dog!

Downtown Atlanta is beautiful and diverse.  Little Five Points smacks of 
the East Village in New York City.

Amazing --and amusing-- storefronts galore

and shops with cheeky names

Oh, for the love of GRAPHICS!  This storefront left me speechless.

What I love about college towns

This gum tree is my squeamish aunt's worst nightmare!

I found our dream home! The operative word being "DREAM".  So, if it should ever come up for sale, would somebody please let me know?  In the meantime, I'll be saving my pennies...

It was a very good trip.  I'm still a little stunned that we finally buckled down and made it happen.  I may miss all the snow and that typical Metro Northeast sense of urgency about everything, but then again, maybe not...

In the end, after a full grueling week of searching and exploring and second guessing, we finally settled on a nice town just 15 minutes north of the city with enough amenities for both me and the hubs.  It will be hard to say goodbye to our friends who will undoubtedly be a little shocked at the quickness of it all, but just like when I left my day job, it felt like it was now or never; we didn't need to give ourselves any additional time to chicken out!

And speaking of chicken...

The Big Chicken! Isn't it the darnedest thing? So campy
and retro-licious!

  And somewhere over the rainbow, something waits for me...

"Nom nom nom nom nom!!!"

See?  Eventually everybody moves down there. Even 
hogs from Ohio! ;)


  1. Looks like a very fun trip, love all your photos!


  2. Ewww to the light post with all those gobbs of gum. I'm envious that there will be no more snow storms in your future.

  3. Thanks, Batzy! It really was. I love a good road trip. :)

  4. Oh, come on, know you zoomed in on it!

    As for the dearth of snow storms in the South, I'll just have to look forward to photos of your fab Canadian winters! :)

  5. Fantastic! Congrats on your move, I'm salivating at all the gorgeous food you get to eat!

  6. I LOVE road trips!! I'm not so fond of moving but coming from a military background I know it is exciting to live in new places. Good luck!!

  7. Alessandra, thanks :) All that barbeque-y goodness was definitely worth salivating over! I'll try not to hurt myself, though. LOL

  8. Annette, you must be the road trip master! Yes, they're fun, as long as you don't have to pack up a house each time. Thanks for your well wishes. :)

  9. love your blog. i am a new follower. found you through the EBT posts. psssst, no one knows this yet, but i am also planning a move to atlanta in a few months 8-)

  10. Saw you in the etsy blog team.

    Ohmygoodness your doggie is so cute! Good luck with getting settled in your new town!

    Hope you can come say hi at my little blog sometime. :)

  11. ImSoVintage, thanks for following! It's exciting that you're planning to move to Atlanta too. I can be the guinea pig! :)

  12. Thank you, Bargain Babe! He's our pride and joy. I'm glad you stopped by. :)

  13. Congrats on your move. I have only been to Atlanta a few times, but my parents lived there in the late '60's and loved it!

    Your doggie - adorable!

  14. Thanks, Lulu! ;) I think we will love it too!

  15. Best of luck to you on your new adventure!

  16. Thank you, Janet! An adventure it will surely be!

  17. I grew up in Atlanta. Your photos are making me miss it:) Glad to see some of the same storefronts haven't changed after all these years. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Following you now:)

  18. Hello, My Hideaway! That's exactly what my husband said when we explored downtown. He lived there 14 years ago and was amazed at all the businesses that were still there; that so many had survived. Happily, the city was just as he had left it! I'm glad I could spark up some nostalgia for ya. Thanks for following:)

  19. Ewwww at all the gum but hooray for new adventures! Good luck!!

  20. Ha ha! I know, Emma, but it was like a train wreck...I couldn't look away! Thanks for the well wishes :)


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