Monday, August 27, 2012

Speaking of Branding...Skeleton Key Themed Tattoos

If I were ever to get a skeleton key tattoo, that would take my branding to a whole new level!

Although the dainty one in the main frame is about all I could sit still for without screaming bloody murder, the others are also quite amazing.  Hmmmm...maybe when I turn 50?  How about you--are you the branding kind?

a. Tiny key tattoo  b. Ornate key tattoo  c. Fancy escutcheon tattoo  d. Lock and key couple tattoos


  1. I am still not brave enough to get a tattoo. I ask myself, what will it look like when I am old as dirt.

  2. You'll look like a badass! I think you can handle that. LOL ;)


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