Sunday, March 20, 2011

Hello, Spring ... It's Show Time!

I heard a knock on my door and it was spring.  She’s a welcomed guest who never arrives empty handed; she always comes with bags full of expectation.

Like, the sun will be out more; therefore, so should I!  Goodbye cuddling on the couch under plush faux fur lap throws! Goodbye!  She comes with bright energy…outdoor activites…like festivals and craft shows!  Spring is perky as hell.

Oh, alright, so she wheedled me out of my snug comfort zone and before I knew it, I had applied and been accepted to two juried shows.  And I’m not gonna lie—I’m anxious.  There’s been lots of deep sighing, nail nibbling, and bags of innocent crunchy things devoured in front of the computer.

The last big show I did was over 20 years ago!  I was still in college and had discovered the wild wonderful world of millinery, making quirky hats from fabric sample headers rescued from a huge clean-out of my university’s Interior Design Department.   Nothing gets my creative juices flowing like the words “free supplies”!

As apprehensive as I was about doing something new, I never forgot the excitement of seeing customers’ reactions to what I had created.  There was such big joy in watching them have fun with my stuff.  So, while I am flying by the seat of my pants to prepare for these two upcoming shows, I’m also looking forward to the festive atmosphere.

White tents and flying banners get me high.  They do!  People milling about from tent to tent, being surrounded by artisans and art lovers, people who know the value of a handmade item and who appreciate the un-mass-produced…the oohs and ahhhs when they’ve discovered something neat are like classic rock to my ears.

I hope you’ll wish me luck!  I’ll be reading all kinds of tips for preparing to have a good show, and I hope that in my frenzy I won’t forget to bring my camera so I’ll have some fun pictures to share.  And speaking of sharing, here are some photos of what’s on the work table at Urban Heirlooms.  Happy spring!

Leather Steamer Bi-fold Wallets-to-be...little four-eyed creatures with tails
These beautiful old keys do make the most unusual clasps!
I'm road testing the new long-line Genteel style!
I'm switching to antiqued snaps for a more discreet entrance.
How I like to close this wallet: holding it in the palm of my left hand, i slip my thumb under the tab, then use my right hand to slip the key inside.  Easy-peasy!


  1. Thanks, roseworks! I have a thing for rustic hardware. ;)

  2. Good luck, on your big day and I hope the weather is perfect.

  3. Thank you, Sewlutions! I hope so too.

  4. I go to a lot of shows trying to find new artists for my blog and in my previous life working at a magazine. From what I have seen of your product, you will kick ass at any show you go to. :)

  5. I have never seen anyone use a key as a clasp. What a uniquely wonderful idea! Hope you do well at your show...I suspect you will.

  6. Lulu, you are very kind! Thank you for your vote of confidence. That means a lot. :)

  7. Judy, I'm so glad you like the idea, and I appreciate your well wishes.

    I'll have to be sure to read everyone's comments as the time gets closer to the shows. I can use all the cheerleaders I can muster! ;)

  8. Dexter in MontanaSunday, March 20, 2011

    No reason for you to feel anxious your leather goods are awesome! You will do great...
    I bought one of your beautiful red wallets a couple of months ago off of Etsy and it's incredible!

    I love love love your work! Good luck...

  9. Dexter, thank you! That's great to hear. I'm glad you stopped by to give me a shout-out!

  10. OMG, those key clasps are soooooooo cute!!!

  11. I know you will do great at your show! Today, I just got a compliment on the Deluxe Pocket Messenger Bag you made for me!

  12. Hi, Kristine! Thanks! :)
    I'm glad you dropped by. It's always nice to hear you're getting compliments on your bag. It was fun to make that messenger in Blood Orange for you.

  13. From the looks of your etsy shop, I would totally be sucked into your booth! Seeing your customers face to face is definitely a plus to doing craft shows that you don't get on etsy. I learned a lot by seeing people's reactions to my things.

    Here's wishing you so much luck!

  14. Good luck with your show! I always get nervous before a show, but once I get there, it's just a lot of fun!

    You'll be amazing! Your leather work is beautiful.

  15. Jody, thanks! Yes, I'm looking forward to what I can learn from seeing people's reactions face to face. The anonymity of selling online certainly does have its limitations.

    And thank you too, Love at First Blush! That's exactly how I feel--nervous as all get out, but once I'm there it's such a fun atmosphere that it's more than worth that bag o' jitters!

  16. How creative! I love the keys, that's great! Your creations are really impressive!!


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