Saturday, April 23, 2011

Inspiration From Artists: My Favorite Etsy Purchases

I've bought lots of little gifts for myself from shops on Etsy--I have 19 pages of purchases to prove it!
from gift tags

to goat milk soap...
from tiny vintage teapots...

to Triple Threat Brownies...

from Spanish coins

to stoneware mugs

The variety is endless!  But of all my purchases, the ones I've found most valuable to me these days are two delightful works of inspiration that I house in my studio:

"Bloom" Primitive angel doll by Mystele of Little Glimpses Studio
This absolute angel arrived with her flocked velvety wings and a grungy eyelet lace dress, holding a button with a directive for this conflicted artist who could not decide where she should be geographically.

"Bloom Where You're Planted."

Recently I gave her something else to hold in her hands, a beautiful watercolor ACEO by Zainab Hussaen.

"Who Cares What They Think."
I've been stealing little glimpses of that ACEO a lot lately as I work feverishly to make as much product for my upcoming shows as I can manage.  It's so quick and to the point! Don't you just love it?  I hope you find some inspiration for yourself for the coming week.  In the meantime, Happy Easter! ;)


  1. Oh, thanks for that bit of inspiration, I needed that today:):) Happy Easter!

  2. Happy to oblige, Kala! I needed it too. Thanks for stopping by. :)

  3. Etsy is a great place to find all kinds of treasures. That mug is a great find.

  4. Julie, thank you. That's what I love about that aceo--tells it like it is! ;)

  5. Sewlutions, you're right. When I look through my Etsy purchases there's no way I would have found all those nifty things if I had simply gone to the mall. As for my favorite KH Phillips mug, I feel so dainty when I use it. Must have more!

  6. wow, you are a real supporter....your items are unique and awesome...hope your week is fabulous!

    enjoy *~*

  7. Teresa, thank you! I'm so glad you found a bit of inspiration here. I appreciate you stopping by! :)


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