Sunday, June 5, 2011

Are Ya Thinking Good Thoughts...?

Hey You Are Ya Thinking Good Thoughts gicleé print
from 29 Black Street
Or are you lamenting the items that didn't get crossed off your To-Do List this weekend?

The flank steak that didn't come out as tender as you had hoped?  The laundry left unfolded that's now a wrinkled mess on the couch?  The dust bunnies you couldn't get to before your guests arrived?  All the time you wasted dating that good-for-nothing who still hasn't called...or the Monday morning meeting you're already dreading?

LET IT GO - 8x10 Typographic Print By Nan Lawson

Tomorrow is a whole new day!  Is it really worth dragging all that sorry baggage into a perfectly innocent week? Some things are just beyond our control; some things we don't have power over.  In the big scheme of things, some things just aren't that critical.

Don't Sweat the Small Stuff - Canvas Art Poster by Laza Flair

Not that it's all small stuff, but some of it really is!  We can instead choose our battles, decide what's most important to our big picture, you know--decide to overlook the snide remark of a co-worker or the bad manners of the man who didn't hold the door for us.  Do we really want to let everything get on our last nerve?

Time Flies - Original Print by Gayana

Pay attention to the winsome smile of a stranger, the little bubble of pride you feel at making it to work on time despite the traffic, the careful way you put together a nourishing lunch for yourself so you'll know how to do it again tomorrow.

Pay attention when your mate says "I love you; have a great day today."  Pay attention when you're paid a compliment...instead of trying to brush it off with modesty.  You deserve it!  Let's just say thanks!  And glow!  Because who knows how long it'll be before we get another?

We Can Do Hard Things Black and White Print
by David's Print Shop

You know it's true!  In your heart of hearts, you know this.  Think of a time when you were stretched to the limit, at the end of your rope, running on empty with no mile markers to assure you that there was a light at the end of this grim tunnel...yet you made it through, and maybe even laughed about it in the end!

Did you grit your teeth to keep from saying something hurtful?

Did you put someone else's needs before your own again, even if they never, ever do it for you?  

Did you stay to the bitter end until your project was complete, long after everyone had gone home to their families?

Did you keep working on that custom order even after you sewed through your finger with the sewing machine? 
We Are All Made Of Stars RED Screenprint by Jessica Swift Shop

Every last one of us!  Not just the ones who get the promotion...or the ones who make the front page...or the ones whose products make the O List...or the ones with bouncing and behaving hair, tiny waistlines and the perfect boyfriend.

We are all made of sparkly, shiny, bright, powerful magic-- darkness-defying stars.  

This week I hope you will feel wonderful, exceptional, special, capable, resilient and fortified...BEAUTIFUL.

And before you get to protesting the likelihood of that,  just remember:

A Beautiful Thing 8x10 Print by Lisa Barbero

A huge thank you to the wonderful artists who made these uplifting prints.  These are just some of my favorites.  I hope you'll visit their stores and find some for yourself.  I already know which one I'm getting!  Have an awesome week!


  1. Wonderful way to show off the prints and be inspiring at the same time!

  2. Thank you, Retro Junction. There were so many good ones, it was hard to narrow down. I can just imagine a sacred "happy room" filled with these prints! :)

  3. Thank you for the reminder! We really need this on a daily basis. My husband's favourite saying is "don't sweat the small stuff".

  4. Great art prints, great message to start the week. Thanks!

  5. What a great post for a Monday morning! Love all of the prints!

  6. Wonderful post. Thanks--I needed to hear that. :)

  7. Some great positive thinking to jump start the week !

  8. Thank you all for commenting. I'm so glad you enjoyed the post and the prints. I'll have to read over this from time to time because already I'm needing a refresher! LOL. It's all good... ;)


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