Friday, July 22, 2011

Cool Inspiration for a Hot Summer Day

When the mercury's throbbing in the thermometer and you dare not go barefoot, it's hard not to want to splash aqua and white paint on everything in sight!  Here's some fresh cool inspiration to take your mind off the heat:

painted furniture lifts the spirit
vintage bottles and photographs make a breezy vingnette
if you must have a seat...The Madeline Chair
a big idea for collectors of small things

in other words...Gone Fishin'!
Going somewhere? Don't forget these...
lovely to look at

these vintage-style bowls scream for ice cream


  1. I was trying to decide which one I loved the most...but I just can't choose! Lovely finds!

  2. Thanks, Jenna! I'm sort of torn between the bookcase and the luggage...and the sign...OK, and that chair! LOL ;)

  3. How pretty those are. Definitely cool decorating.

  4. Thanks, Sewlutions! Our favorite colour scheme. ;)

  5. Beautiful finds! I would love to have them all!

  6. umm i'll take ALL of it, please! you definitely had me at the first picture :)

  7. I loooooove aqua! I have a similar bookcase in my living room that I painted myself..I think it used to be a wardrobe but I bought it at a farm auction and they had added shelves and it was holding dairy cow medicines. It now has a pale cream interior and crackly aqua paint and holds my cream and aqua McCoy vases. Aqua apothecary bottles are always a win! Great post!

  8. hopeandjoyhome, I love EVERY WORD of what you just posted! From how you found it to what it was to what you made it and then put into it...just dreamy!

  9. Definately the perfect summer colour!
    Your choice of photos are brilliant!

  10. Thank you, OnePerfectDay! Nothing says "cool" like aqua.

  11. Ooooh, beautiful! I love the photos in a bottle, how creative. Loving exploring your blog so far. Great content.



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