Monday, May 21, 2012

10 Things I’ve Learned From My Obsession With Pinterest

1.  There’s no decorating dilemma that a mason jar, a wooden pallet and some burlap can’t fix.
Vintage Mason Jar Chandelier

pallet bed platform

burlap wedding chair shrugs

2.  Nutella is the new superfood.

heaven on a spoon!
3.  Crock-pots have given a whole new meaning to the term “slow food.”

Crock Pot Company Pot Roast

4.  Who knew so many women were smitten with Ben Affleck?  He’s been repinned 70 times from my board alone, last time I checked, and the fan club is growing daily!

Ben Affleck all Rough 'n Rugged in The Town

5.  What doesn’t kill you will at least inspire a nifty quote.

"Better Things" from The Love Shop

6.  Did you know you can freeze avocadoes?

Pureed, frozen avocadoes can last up to a year, reportedly.
Or better yet, make them into chocolate pudding or a luscious frozen dessert!

Vegan Chocolate Pudding

7.  Forget about diamonds.  Nail polish is a girl’s best friend.  How chic is this?
8.  Even hardcore businesspeople can’t deny the universal marketing appeal of a cute puppy and kitten montage.  Everybody has one!


9.  There are hundreds of recipes for crack! Or “nom-noms” inspired by the addictive quality of crack.  Most of them involve cream cheese, bacon, chocolate chips,  marshmallows, or all four.    Most of them can also probably be traced back (within 6 degrees of separation) to this Butter Maven’s website!
Chocolate Peanut Butter Parfaits
10.  There’s only one man in the world who totally understands and forgives your Pinterest addiction.  Hey, Girl…it’s Ryan Gosling.  Get to know him.

Say Whaaaaaat?

If you haven’t yet caught the Pinterest bug, are you at least sufficiently intrigued? Here’s an eye-opening article including stats of pinning trends.  There are even pin boards of the most pinned pins and most followed pinners!  Next time you need an escape hatch, check it out.  You’ll find yourself in Pinterest Rehab in no time.  12 million active users can’t be wrong!


  1. hilarious! and so true. the nail polish. the ryan gosling... i'm loving it.

  2. Ha! This is spot on. I love those sensitive Ryan Gosling memes, too. My favorite is, "Hey girl. I didn't realize you were on Pinterest, I'll tell you about my day later."

  3. Thanks, Angela! It's nice to meet a fellow pinner!

  4. Wiping the tears from my eyes! This was hilarious...and oh so true! I'm addicted! Thanks for starting my day off with a great giggle!

  5. Awesome idea for a post!! Well done, I was smiling the whole way through.

  6. Lostlemonade, I'm so glad you liked it! I'm always game for a Monday giggle. :) And welcome to Pin-aholics Anonymous!

  7. Thank you, Rose! You must know exactly what I'm talking about!

  8. Ha! So true!! We use pallet wood for everything in our boutique because it's free and our shop neighbor has tons!

  9. LOL! I love Pinterest -- and you've captured its essence in this post.

  10. Lucky you, Stela! I've seen some really cool displays using pallets. On Pinterest, of course!

  11. So, So funny and so true!! That nail polish is to die for and how funny that everyone has a cat or dog board...guess we all need to pay homage to our lovable furries. Love this post!

    Now off to pin that avocado pudding...

  12. Thanks, Lisa! I'm glad you liked this. If you're brave enough to try the chocolate avocado pudding, I hope you'll post about it!

  13. I am also addicted to Pinterest. It is soothing to me and a cheap method of therapy.

  14. It really is therapeutic, Sewlutions. My favorite way to wind down during breaks. :)

  15. Splendid Little Stars, thanks for stopping by. I'm in such great company, I see!


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