Thursday, May 24, 2012

Elbow Deep In Leather and Doilies

LOOK at what's coming off the machine lately!  Since I first debuted the Boho Messenger Bags last October, I've made many renditions.  Happily, orders for and interest in them have not ceased.  (KNOCK ON beautiful, semi-gloss hardWOOD floors with chevron inlay border!)

These are just the latest ones that I shipped out. 

Medium Boho In luscious Mahogany leather

Look at that KEY!!!

Looks beautiful coming...and going.

XL Deluxe Boho in rustic Toffee Crackle leather

Delicious Details

I kind of wanted to keep this one for myself!


  1. These are wonderful! Your bags are so unique. I love how they are both tough and delicate. And the doilies and key thing is just perfect<3

  2. Thanks, Blue Eyed Night Owl! I think there's a bit of tough leather and delicate lace in all of us. :)


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