Monday, May 7, 2012

Did I Eat That? International Farmers Market Small Haul

I'm no adrenaline junkie, as you can tell by my previous post.  But I do enjoy a mind-stumping culinary challenge like Food Network's Chopped or Sweet Genius more often than not.

Which is why you can find me poking around the local international farmer's market as giddy as a girl on a field trip.  What a wonderland! The sheer variety of choy alone boggles the mind! 

(I like to snap stealthy photos of packages of frozen bull's testicles, frozen sheep's heads and whole frozen goats in muslin bags, then send them to my friend from my Blackberry.) 

Today I brought home a dragon fruit, aptly named, as you can see.  I just wanted to share in case you've ever been curious. This tastes nothing like the dragon fruit flavored Vitamin Water, which tastes to me like watered-down Kool-Aid.  This had the grainy texture of watermelon and a sweet-tart flavor faintly reminiscent of pomegranate, but I have to tell you, I didn't like it as much as I thought I would.  

Maybe mine wasn't sweet enough?  I'm funny about textures, and this one was kind of freaking me out, man...! But isn't it pretty?  While searching for YouTube videos on how to eat a dragon fruit, I did come across footage on people eating the world's stinkiest fruit--the infamous durian--for the first time, but the way it was described, well...there's no chance I'll be blogging about my adventures with that, so don't go getting any ideas.  But I have been eyeballing the kimchi selection...


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  2. Thinking of it, it does look like poppy seeds! I wonder how the taste is?! Probably great!
    Monday, May 07, 2012

  3. Interesting looking fruit, and you're right, it does look like it's sprinkled with poppy seeds!

  4. It really is pretty, I am glad you did this review and in turn saved my taste buds :-)

  5. Actually, the taste was OK, but it's the texture that was freaking me out! I was told they are supposed to be sweet and taste like kiwi, so I've decided to give it another try. I've also been eyeballing cactus pears. Look out! :-)

  6. I have heard and wondered what they tasted like. Funny, the inside looks like cookies-n-cream ice cream.

  7. Funny you should say that, Sandy! That's exactly how someone on YouTube described it. OK, now I want cookies 'n cream ice cream!


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